Two new percussion pieces available...


Toms 'n' Snares
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A great piece to get your ensemble playing together. Just two parts (Toms & Snares!) makes it ideal for a group of any size.

Difficulty: Beginner

Price: $15.00

Lightning Strikes
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A showcase piece with great impact. With three parts (Bass drum, toms & snares) all working together to create a mighty sound!

Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate

Price: $15.00


BRAND NEW for 2020! Fully revised and expanded versions of Dave's two workbooks. 250+ pages over the two workbooks, featuring song examples, original charts and references to a plethora of additional study material.

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Workbook#1 & Workbook#2 are now available as Digital PDF booklets and MP3 downloads.

Book#1 - $20

Book#2 - $15



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